Scent tracking

Scent Tracking

Specialized dog training for tracking scent of materials and human are the most interesting form of training due to necessity of high level cooperation of dog and leader. Such level of training require essential cynological knowledge.

Happy Paw Training possess the knowledge and experience to teach it quickly and effectively. Training for materials are a bit easier because there are group of scents such as:

  • alcohol (main ingredient spirit)
  • cigarettes (main ingredient tobacco)
  • explosive materials (main ingredient trotyl TNT)

Trainings for tracking scent are addressed to organisation such as: Police (Garda), Customs Service, Army and Security Service. People who are not connected to mentioned above organisations, but still wanted to train dogs for those skill have to provide documents of legal source of scents samples (marijuana, hashish, TNT, gunpowder). To train one dog we require a trace amount particular substance, no more than few grams. Hereby we declare HPT company has knowledge and potential to copy and store scents.

However track of human scent are very different because each human has individual smell the same like unique fingerprints. Training for scent searching we can start once the dog reach 6 month age.

In the initial stage it can be group training (3-5 dogs) but in later stage it must be individual approach to each dog. The price for training depends on predisposition of dog and owner (range of 45-65euro per hour). The training will take about 15-25 hours in a period of 2-3 months.
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