SCOPE OF K-9 TRAINING. Conditions and requirements.

1. Basic training

  • psychological assessment
  • selection of the type of training method
  • teach how to use reward and punishment method
  • teach how to use equipment
  • getting accustomed to new behaviour and places

2. Basic training requirements before specialized training starts:

  • teaching dog not to pick up food from the ground (exclude bribing)
  • recall
  • walking at heel with leash
  • walking at heel without a leash
  • remaining motionless
  • laying down
  • sitting
  • fetch/ retrieve
  • barking on command

Prior doing the protection training, basic training must be completed because we must have full control and understanding of the emotions of our dog.

3. Specialized training

  • Protection training (aggression)
  • Detection training
  • Distrust against stranger
  • attack and call-off at the heel
  • defence of the guide.
  • attack and call-off from distance
  • searching and bringing the handler
  • attack on the handler
  • chasing the handler and overcoming obstacles e.g walls, windows
  • searching the site for the handler
  • convoy and transfer assistant decoy

Prior to having specialized training basic training must be completed.

Typical dog characteristics for specialized training:

– dogs aged from 6 months to 3 years
– Active balanced character
– dogs must love to fetch/retrieve
– very good physical condition – an advantage is the ability to swim

The main principle is to choose the right dog for the person.
Happy Paw has developed a programme (a step-by-step training programme) for specialized training.
Prices for specialized training are negotiable, while the price for the basic course is given on the website.

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