Dog jog


Relax and rest

This is joint initiative of Happy Paw Dog Training and Balbriggan Dog Club, which organise cycling meetings on Gormanston beach and green beside Martello Tower in Balbriggan. These meetings aim to activate people through move and physical activity to support relation with our dogs. They give possibility to get knowledge about increasing good relations and dogs behaviour.
Suggested places are scenic and support relax and leisure. During these meetings we put a lot of focus on play and games with our dogs. We play with kids and whole families. The fun lies on training proper fetching and passing obstacle course. These activities stimulate good emotions (especially amongst children) and create healthy competition, raising skills for both child and dog.

Happy Paw Dog Training as a strategic sponsor of the club provides many awards for participants. It would be tidbits, toys and dog accessories such as: leads, collars, biting balls. These meetings a provided free of charge, for more information please contact through facebook page of Balbriggan Dog Club or

Gormanston Beach
Gormanston, Meath, Ireland