Dog assistant for disabled people

Dog Assistant

Dog training offer for disabled person and therapist dog for children

Happy Paw Training provide highest standards of service. We implement proven rules and procedures of dog training. Such training is provided on individual basis, taking into consideration level of disability and expectations. We place a great emphasis on special relation between human and dog:

  1. selecting of the dog by psyche, age, gender and predispositions
  2. close cooperation with disabled person and his/her carer
  3. setting useful commands and teaching special tasks such as: opening door, retrieving objects, assistance of leaving the house and other task requested by disabled person.
  4. Therapist dogs are taught patience and proper behaviour during playtime (ie.not destroying toys, not reacting to shouting, squalling and other spontaneous child behavior).

Dogs communicate non-verbally, showing high level of empathy. loving unconditionally, perfectly support children to open for a world. Therapist dog is a great help for children with Autism, Down syndrome and other incapability.

Training period and frequency depends on dog predisposition and dog`s leader approach. Training takes usually from 3 to 6 months, once a week. Cost vary from 25 to 45 euro/hour depending on economical situation of disabled person.