How to teach a puppy do not pee or poop indoors in a quick and effective way.

I do realise that for many dog owners it might be difficult to train their puppy to pee and poop outdoors, and develop a habit of doing it. This is a reason why I decided to discuss it further. This topic is broad and it needs to be divided into two parts.

Before giving you some advises, I need to explain how canine’s nature impacts its img_0424behaviour. The below example will help us to understand the basics of canine’s nature:
• When we do something repeatedly we develop a habit after weeks but this habit turns into pure happiness after years. A good example of this can be brushing teeth or washing hands in human’s world, in dogs’ licking paws, groin, barking and playing with toys
• If we are happy and satisfied, dogs will gladly cooperate with us
• Dogs are the most empathetic animals leaving among us – they feel our emotions, they read us like an open book, and it is hard to mislead them
• Dogs need a strong and self-confident leader

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Parson russell terrier Hill, Henry and Hook

3 dogs born 26.04.2016

price 1750e for one. For 2 or 3 together price will drop down


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_DSC0184 _DSC0140 _DSC0194 _DSC0193 _DSC0186 _DSC0182


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Father: Zulus Czaka vom Schwarzwald Poland
Mother: Nock River’s Happy Valentine
Father’s Achievements:


Young Winner of Poland

Young Champion of Romania

Young Winner of Bucharest

Young Winner of Europe


Champion of Malaysia

Winner of German 2014

Mother’s Achievements: Young Champion of Poland

_DSC1406 _DSC1767 Zulus czaka 2015 _DSC1094 _DSC1148 _DSC1506 _DSC1141 _DSC0442

Welcome to Dogs for sale!

dog for sale

dog for sale

Both dogs (Saba and Sabor) have very good attitude. They adopt easily to new places and people. Very friendly for family with great potential for further training. They can live both: at home and in the garden. Mother and father are beautiful and wise dogs. Saba and Sabor are siblings (male and female), they have all vaccinations, passport and all necessary documents. They cooperate easily when playing/working in pair. The best if sold together for only 3000euro. There is an option also to sale one of them separately for 1700euro.

siblings5 siblings2 siblings4

dog for sale

dog for sale