The serious matter – choosing the dog

What you should know before making a decision and how the right dog should be?

I realize how difficult is to recount in a few sentences the matter of dog choosing, as the subject is of a complex nature. However, in this article I will try to describe the most common issues regarding this.

First of all, the future owner must be aware that decision of having dog is a long term obligation, and may be based on the spiritual or emotional grounds, but must also concern the economic one. Nowadays an economic factors have a huge significance. Mentioning that I meant expenses on food and treatments, care and training. I will try to show what one should pay attention to, in particular – what criteria should be considered when deciding to buy or adopt a dog.

Before choosing the dog try to:

  • clearly define the expectations of your future four-legged friend

  • gain knowledge about the needs and requirements of the chosen breed

  • create adequate living conditions (house, garden)

Before I will elaborate the above, I would like to point out the most common mistakes while making such decision:

  • appearance criteria solely – erroneous and harmful plank, even though I know that for many people this is the only one condition

  • acting under children’s or family members pression and believing their obligations about unassisted care of the pet

  • fashion and trends – it is essential to have limited confidence in the new or promoted breeds.

Christmas commercial time offers a large number of ads showing sled dogs (huskies, malamutes), dressed as reindeer pulling the sleigh packed with advertised articles (such as TV appliances, toys or treats). Those created images activate needs and desires of own such a pet.

To return to the first point – our expectations of future dog should correspond with our personality type. If you are active and have leadership skills, you may own a playful and active pet. However, if someone is less active, withdrawn and lacking in self-confident, one can look for a quiet and home-lover dog.

In the process of making such decision we need to take into consideration the following:

  • purchase or adoption

  • breed (a mongrel or pedigree dog)

  • age (a puppy or an adult dog)

  • size (large or small)

  • purpose (entertainment, home, work or garden)

  • quantity (one or more dogs)

  • time we will be able to devote to the care of a dog

  • the main guardian dog (adult or child)

I will try to answer these and other questions in the next article.

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