How to teach a puppy do not pee or poop indoors in a quick and effective way.

I do realise that for many dog owners it might be difficult to train their puppy to pee and poop outdoors, and develop a habit of doing it. This is a reason why I decided to discuss it further. This topic is broad and it needs to be divided into two parts.

Before giving you some advises, I need to explain how canine’s nature impacts its img_0424behaviour. The below example will help us to understand the basics of canine’s nature:
• When we do something repeatedly we develop a habit after weeks but this habit turns into pure happiness after years. A good example of this can be brushing teeth or washing hands in human’s world, in dogs’ licking paws, groin, barking and playing with toys
• If we are happy and satisfied, dogs will gladly cooperate with us
• Dogs are the most empathetic animals leaving among us – they feel our emotions, they read us like an open book, and it is hard to mislead them
• Dogs need a strong and self-confident leader

When we get better understanding of what determines dogs’ behaviour, we can move forward and discuss the “smelly” subject. I used the word “smelly” on purpose, because the stench is the most important key that will help us to resolve the issue that might arise while training a puppy. We need to realise that the stench is a very relative term. For example, for people it means a very unpleasant smell, for our friends, dogs, something completely opposite, a desired attraction. In contrast to dogs, physiological needs of human beings are associated with discomfort and intimate moment. Perhaps you remember my previous article, where I mentioned dogs sniffing corners, poles and trees. These are the most favourite spots for dogs to pee and poop. This is known as marking the area. By doing so dogs communicate with each other and convey the information about themselves, for example they learn which female dog is in heat or which male dog is the strongest in the area etc.
Let’s compare dogs’ act of peeing or pooping at their favourite place to our trip to a news agent or us visiting Facebook in order to read interesting news or leave a post with information for someone to read it. Let me describe a scene that every dog owner should be familiar with while walking their dogs. When a healthy dog has finished peeing, he energetically throws pieces of grass or ground he has just peed on with his back paws. Other dogs attracted by the smell, will certainly stop to take a sniff of that place, will “read” the message left by other dog and most of the time they will mark the same area too. If the smell is very attractive to them, they might roll over it in order to “keep” it for longer.

In my next article I will provide more details, discuss some common mistakes we tend to make while training a puppy and will also give few advises.

Roman Wolsza

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