Dog Trainer Corner: safe walking in town without a leash.

How quickly we can teach our dog to walk at heel in street traffic?

Some dog owners could say this is impossible to do with their dogs. This is not true. We can do it with any dog of any age within one month. Of course we have to fulfill some conditions. The most important condition is not systematic but SATISFACTION. People usually have this feeling if their dogs are well turned-out, obedient or more agile compared to other dogs. The first incentive is the most common but not permanent, but the second one is more durable, stable and long-lasting. Dogs are very empathic animals and the thing they most desire is our SATISFACTION. When they sense this, they work better. Now, lets start.

If our dog likes our company it is enough to use the motto of Happy Paw Training : “Everything we do with our dog becomes a habit, and after years each habit becomes a pure happiness”.

  1. Before the walk with our dog we need to plan a route. It is important to incorporate places where the dog can easily and safely run and sniff – to go into „its world”. In such places we can call commands such as „break – run” (or similar). Dogs also use such places for toileting and to mark their terrain. It is an important signal to other dogs.
  2. Initially our chosen location should be close to home and the time for play no longer than 5 minutes. It is recommended to play with a small ball.
  3. Exiting from the home should be calm and quiet, with the dog walking on our left side and his chest positioned roughly in line with our leg.The lead need not be tight. We can use the command „heel”
  4. We should avoid walking close to walls, corners, posts and trees. These places are marked by other dogs and distract our dog. They are „a treasure trove of information” for all the local canines. Which female is in heat – who is the „top dog”in the area – what is the news generally in the local dog world. In such situations our position as leader diminishes and our ability to steer and command the distracted dog is at its minimum.
  5. These walks don’t need to be long. But they should be well thought out and active. It is important to change the pace of the walk or run. We should use 3 types of march: funeral, natural and military. The same with running.

If you follow these guidelines above I can guarantee full success.

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