Dog aggression

For last couple of years I observed new trend to own more aggressive dogs than mild one.img_0507 I see more and more threats, that irresponsible people,
who don’t know specify and character of those breeds, train them for aggression, which is more risky, because they cannot control this aggression.
Do you think such aggressive breeds should have obligatory insurance?

More and more unprofessional dog trainers, teach dogs for aggression without appropriate knowledge and experience.
How danger it can be for others?

Happy Paw Dog Training has a standard test for dog and owner before introducing training for controlled aggression. Owner must walk with a dog in public place without keeping lead in a hand.
Dog must obey owner, walk in heel position, cross the street, pass people and dogs without stop.

After such a test I can start training for controlled aggression to teach dog protection of place or owner.

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