Basic training

Basic Dog Training

Basic obedience training fits to suit the needs and expectations of client. We are offering training in following areas:

  • home socialisation
  • good toilet habits
  • refraining from biting furniture and other objects
  • preparation for walking outdoors
  • preparation for vet and grooming visits
  • training of manner, controlled play with dog
  • basic commands such us: sit, crouch/down, heel, stay (without owner for distance up to 10m) and no-lead walking.

Depends on range of training we offer interesting and diversified programm. The sessions take place in various location, time of the day, type of exercise. We practice “learning by playing”. Plenty of activities for dog and owner are involved. Each dog and owner is treat individually.

Happy Paw Dog Training use a rule of 3 gold questions and 3 gold answers.

3 Gold questions: WHAT , HOW , WHY and 3 gold answers.

WHAT we need to do to make our dog happy?

It is not enough to give full bowl of tasty food, but positive approach to people and world. Physical activity and smile create happiness for you and your dog

HOW to make our dog obey us?

By definition dog is a herding animal (accepting hierarchy). He needs strong and wise leader who:

  • can reward and punish
  • knows behavioral characteristic of the breed
  • follow rules and training methods
  • keep daily routine

p.s. Success guaranteed

WHY we should train our dogs?

Skillful dog training let improve relation between dog and owner, making harmony and strengthen ties