Dog Trainer Corner: safe walking in town without a leash.

How quickly we can teach our dog to walk at heel in street traffic?

Some dog owners could say this is impossible to do with their dogs. This is not true. We can do it with any dog of any age within one month. Of course we have to fulfill some conditions. The most important condition is not systematic but SATISFACTION. People usually have this feeling if their dogs are well turned-out, obedient or more agile compared to other dogs. The first incentive is the most common but not permanent, but the second one is more durable, stable and long-lasting. Dogs are very empathic animals and the thing they most desire is our SATISFACTION. When they sense this, they work better. Now, lets start. Continue reading

The serious matter – Choosing the dog, part 2.

The detailed tips on how to choose the right dog.

Following the previously mentioned issues, I would like to elaborate now the topic of factors which need to be considered while righ decision making process in regard to owning dog.

1) Purchase or adoption? Personally I’m familiar with the dilemma, being aware of a huge numbers of dogs left in shelters. Would be perfect to have an opportunity to provide a home for all of them. However the reality of fostering faces certain circumstances. The past-life trauma seems to be predominant problem in older dogs’ behaviour. I believe that fostering is a proper option for responsible people, already experienced and with knowledge of how to quickly adapt pet to to new conditions. Continue reading

The serious matter – choosing the dog

What you should know before making a decision and how the right dog should be?

I realize how difficult is to recount in a few sentences the matter of dog choosing, as the subject is of a complex nature. However, in this article I will try to describe the most common issues regarding this.

First of all, the future owner must be aware that decision of having dog is a long term obligation, and may be based on the spiritual or emotional grounds, but must also concern the economic one. Nowadays an economic factors have a huge significance. Mentioning that I meant expenses on food and treatments, care and training. I will try to show what one should pay attention to, in particular – what criteria should be considered when deciding to buy or adopt a dog. Continue reading