How to teach a puppy do not pee or poop indoors in a quick and effective way.

I do realise that for many dog owners it might be difficult to train their puppy to pee and poop outdoors, and develop a habit of doing it. This is a reason why I decided to discuss it further. This topic is broad and it needs to be divided into two parts.

Before giving you some advises, I need to explain how canine’s nature impacts its img_0424behaviour. The below example will help us to understand the basics of canine’s nature:
• When we do something repeatedly we develop a habit after weeks but this habit turns into pure happiness after years. A good example of this can be brushing teeth or washing hands in human’s world, in dogs’ licking paws, groin, barking and playing with toys
• If we are happy and satisfied, dogs will gladly cooperate with us
• Dogs are the most empathetic animals leaving among us – they feel our emotions, they read us like an open book, and it is hard to mislead them
• Dogs need a strong and self-confident leader

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