Happy Paw Dog Training provides complex services related to dogs’ life. Company was founded in Feb 2014 by Roman Wolsza. Roman is ex- police dog trainer with many years experience and related professional qualification. He provides his service nationwide but focus on greater Dublin area. Many dog lovers and dog owners are his satisfied customers. Roman gained many positive testimonials. Customers express their opinion on Facebook page.
Roman and Happy Paw Dog Training company provides various services:

  • individual and group training for obedience, agility and scent searching
  • specialized training for: guard dog, patrol dog, guide dog for disables
  • dog hotel
  • dog transport in Ireland and Europe
  • stud dogs import
  • dog accessories trading
  • psychologist support after dog pass out

Moreover Roman publish many useful tips and advises for dog owners in local newspapers and here. You are welcome to express your opinion and discussion in blog tab.


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